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Operational Aircraft Maintenance Service Starts

As the year starts to wind down, here at DRG, we are adding new efforts to support our customers better. As a Native American-owned small business company we are able to resource better and faster due to the efforts of our team in conjunction with strategic and preplanned affirmative action management, and fully involving ourselves in Department of Defense (DoD) aircraft simulators. DRG isn’t afraid to expand our network and meet the needs of those we serve.

As of November 1, DRG officially began providing operational aircraft maintenance operations including munitions inspection, refueling services, scheduling, and training support services at Sheppard, AFB.

We’re expanding our capabilities. Over the past 20 years, we’ve led the way in simulator training, maintenance, training device relocations and modifications, and operations, and have proudly turned a wrench on over 500 different types of military training devices. We have been quickly deploying skilled technicians in austere conditions around the globe to support simulator maintenance, relocations, and modifications. Naturally, the next step was to provide aircraft maintenance operations. We’re more than ready to bring our longstanding expertise to the flight line.

Top of the Line Aircraft Maintenance Operations

DRG is committed to providing operational solutions for every aspect of your aircraft fleet. Our full-service aircraft operational abilities ensure that you are ready for the challenges of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. DRG ensures the dependability of your aircraft maintenance operating system through services provided by the best technicians, mechanics, and specialists in the industry. With a 20-year history of dependability across the world, DRG is ready to support all your maintenance program needs.

The process to create the individualized aircraft maintenance operation begins by contacting our business development department to discuss the requirements that need to be addressed for your airframe for your mission needs. From that assessment, we will then pull together the right technicians, mechanics, and specialists to perform the necessary work.

The DRG Edge

DRG is Oklahoma’s 2nd largest industry in aerospace and defense. What allows us to have a competitive edge over other companies is that we have a staff of over 60% veterans. Our people have been flying and turning wrenches in every branch of the military and have a huge pool of experience to pull from to get the best possible results for our clients. With Tinker as the largest Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) site and American Airlines in Tulsa as the largest single commercial MRO site in the world, it would be a huge disservice to our community to not provide all the support we are capable of. Our response time is very expeditious because of DRG’s global presence with the best resources and 250 field experts at the ready. With our Indian Economic Enterprise (IEE) certification, DRG is a smart choice for incentives provided by the government. DRG is ready to stand in the gap and provide the manpower needed to meet the need for aircraft maintenance operation services. Oklahoma’s legacy is MRO and we are here for it.

Aircraft Maintenance Operation Services

  • Turn-Key & Augmentation

  • Aircraft Inspection Campaigns

  • Tiger Teams

  • Modification & Phase Checks

  • Line Servicing

  • Safe for Flight Determination

  • Operational, Intermediate, & Depot Operations

  • Maintenance Training

  • Aircraft Preservation

  • Maintenance Support of Flight Hours

  • Staffing

  • Plane Captain Services

  • Maintenance Program Management

Our Subject Matter Expert Weighs In

Director of Business Development, Geoff Camp, is part of the DRG team facilitating those next moves.

“We are a known entity and trusted provider. At DRG, we know how to do the jobs the DoD is asking us to do because we have so many great people here who have done them in Active-duty careers. DRG is relentless in its pursuit of bringing quality, cost-effective solutions to the DoD’s biggest challenges. We are relentless in our drive to find ways to do things faster, more fiscally responsible, and more efficiently. We bring that same tenacity to our customers and teammates. This is the reason we are the only company in Oklahoma to win the Boeing Supplier of the Year and Lockheed Elite Supplier in the same year.”

What does this mean for you? DRG now gives you every piece you need for your aerospace and defense operational needs. We’ll be right by your side to help you win every step of the way with agile, customer-centric solutions.

Excited about our new Operational Aircraft Maintenance Service? Contact our BD team today at to learn more.


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