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How DRG is Accelerating Innovation Through Digital

Company capitalizes on digital transformation trends of the aerospace and defense industry

Delaware Resource Group’s (DRG) digital transformation continually accelerates innovation and efficiency for the aerospace and defense industry. Based on a core commitment to continuing to modernize and help move us forward, DRG integrated and capitalized on its own digital technologies to deliver value-driven solutions to both customers and employees.

Over the last several years, DRG has focused on developing its own “DRG U” learning management system (LMS) to provide employees with an interactive courseware delivery system for their everyday workforce needs. This allows us to stay current and relevant in an ever-changing industry.

“It’s important as a company that DRG continues to stay up with advances in technology and innovation and seek out ways to deploy that technology in meaningful and practical ways,” said DRG chairman and CEO Phil G. Busey, Sr. “Value add should go to everyone and everything within our business.”

Deployed over a series of steps and the span of multiple months, DRG U also provides employees with the tools to stay informed and obtain necessary education and training. All these tools and training measures help ensure work is done safely and efficiently while continuing to provide core knowledge and familiarization for assigned duties.

“DRG U has allowed employees to exploit their own skills to a higher level to benefit themselves and the customer,” said Michael Haire, Sr. PMP, DRG’s vice president of training service. “The overwhelming feedback we continue to receive from employees validates our moves to modernization and focus on digital transformation is working and our overall success is advancing the support we give to the warfighter.”

DRG U is another valuable tool we deploy to allow our employees to stay connected with program managers and work faster to fulfill the mission.

“It’s also become an employee retention tool for us,” Haire said. “The resources it provides our employees is something many other companies don’t offer. It also allows additional forms of engagement with our management teams, and anytime communications improve among groups, the more success we can deliver together.”

DRG employees are granted access to an almost unlimited number of courses that are always available 24/7. The DRG U LMS system allows management tools to help employees grow in their profession conveniently and conveniently. DRG employees can provide key details of their critical skill sets and associated knowledge levels.

With an objective to continue to improve affordability and deliver to our customers the best service possible within the industry, DRG deploys resources to integrate and maximize technology.

For more information on how DRG is capitalizing on the digital transformation within the aerospace and defense industry or to consider a partnership to maximize industry trends, reduce costs or increase service contract performance, contact the business development team at DRG by emailing


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