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DRG awarded Air National Guard prime contract

OKLAHOMA CITY – Delaware Resource Group of Oklahoma, LLC (DRG) has been awarded the Air National Guard KC-135 Boom Operator Sustainment System (BOSS) contract. The contract was awarded by the United States Air Force contracting authority at Wright-Patterson AFB, AFLCMC, Simulator Division.The contract calls for comprehensive operations of the training system at 17 different locations (including Alaska and Hawaii), and 5 additional micro-boss locations.

DRG will provide program management, systems engineering, operations, maintenance, and sustainment for the KC-135 boom operator training system. DRG will also maintain a Training System Support Center (TSSC) that will provide software engineering, hardware engineering, inoperability, cybersecurity, distributed mission operations, system modifications, and upgrades.

Contract transition start is currently underway at the Oklahoma City headquarters, and the contract holds options through the end of 2024.“We are extremely excited to be able expand our portfolio with this contract,” said Brian Busey, company president and chief operating officer. “This will help us strategically align our long-term goals, and further enhance our capabilities as we continue to achieve success as a total training systems provider.”

Over the last several weeks, DRG has secured several additional subcontracts and agreements for contractor logistics support, engineering, aircrew instruction, and other support related functions on some of the newest and most sophisticated weapons systems within the United States Department of Defense. DRG has added sites in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, with expansion coming over the next several months in other areas of Europe and Southeast Asia.

“Our team continues to achieve high levels of success in obtaining new business but most importantly they continue to meet and exceed performance,” said Brian Busey. “We have been incredibly fortunate to secure long term contracts that will allow us to invest here locally and to sites all around the globe.”

Since 2002, the Oklahoma City based business has become a leading global training service contractor specializing in the aerospace defense industry. DRG is owned and operated by the Busey family.

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