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Delaware Resource Group Promotes SWOSU & Global Oklahoma

Article from Southwestern Oklahoma State University Foundation, Mar. 1, 2017

Oklahoma City-based Delaware Resource Group (DRG) recently paid tribute to Southwestern Oklahoma State University with campuses in Weatherford and Sayre as part of DRG’s “Global Oklahoma” promotional effort.

“‘Global Oklahoma’ is a term Delaware Resource Group is proud to use because we believe Oklahoma is fast becoming a global economic force,” said DRG Chairman & CEO Phil Busey. “Our 600 DRG team members are at work around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, training and supporting the defense and national security missions of the United States and our allies.”

DRG is equipping uniformed services in over 40 locations worldwide to wield some of the most advanced technologies ever developed.

“DRG is proud to call Oklahoma our home and our headquarters,” Busey said. “And DRG is proud that half of its senior executive team is made up of graduates of SWOSU.”

Busey said SWOSU is known internationally for producing graduates who have pushed the boundaries of technological know-how and prowess—the institution’s graduates played crucial roles during the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs at NASA, and SWOSU’s first-ever Honorary Doctorate was recently awarded to astronaut and Air Force legend General Tom Stafford, a Weatherford native and enthusiastic SWOSU supporter.

“SWOSU, the SWOSU Foundation, and the university’s other partners are building on this rich heritage and investing in the ‘new stars of science’ by annually budgeting over $7 million in scholarships to help Oklahoma’s best and brightest pursue higher learning and higher living,” Busey said.

SWOSU President Dr. Randy L. Beutler said the university is very grateful to DRG for its enthusiastic support, and SWOSU stands firmly with DRG and its other partners to make ‘Global Oklahoma’ a reality.

Two of DRG’s four leading executives, Philip Busey. Jr. (Class of 2004) and Brian Busey (Class of 2005) are SWOSU graduates. Brian has established the Busey Brothers Scholarship Fund for SWOSU students, and Philip currently serves as president of the SWOSU Alumni Association, Inc. and sits on the SWOSU Foundation’s Board of Trustees where he chairs the finance committee.

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