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Come See DRG at MRO Americas Aviation Week 2023

Delaware Resource Group of Oklahoma, LLC (DRG) is hitting the road to join other industry leaders for the MRO Americas 2023 Trade Fair April 18-20 in Atlanta, Georgia. MRO Americas brings the most trusted contributors in the industry of commercial air transport repair, maintenance, and overhaul to one location to learn and collaborate on solutions for the future of aircraft maintenance.

Exponential Growth

From the beginning, this trade fair has been exceeding expectations. The first conference in 1996 was slotted to have 25 exhibitors and 350 attendees. The final count for that year was 70 vendors (plus a waiting list) and more than 500 conference attendees. The Aviation Week program, which has continued to grow exponentially through the years, boasts 876 exhibitors this year. In 2022, MRO Americas was named one of Trade Show Executive’s 50 Fastest-Growing Shows. More of MRO Americas history can be found in this 2020 release, The Backstory of 25 Years of MRO.

DRG President and Chief Operating Officer, Brian Busey, shared his enthusiasm for joining this community. “We are incredibly excited to continue to grow our footprint in O-level maintenance and showcase our agility, flexibility, responsiveness, and aggressive costing models to support new and existing partners at MRO Americas,” Busey said. “We are all in on services and support in this sector and are committed to growing and expanding in the MRO community.”

DRG’s O-Level Maintenance

With a 20-year history of dependability across the world, DRG is committed to providing operational solutions for every aspect of aircraft from cradle to grave. Our full-service aircraft operational abilities ensure DRG is ready for the challenges of today and anticipating the needs of tomorrow. DRG ensures the reliability of your aircraft maintenance program through services provided by the best technicians, mechanics, and specialists in the industry.

Geoff Camp, director of Business Development, said, “We are going to MRO Americas to establish relationships with flight line maintenance and aircraft modification providers and to strengthen the relationships and connections with our previous strategic partners.”

With experience turning wrenches on 45 different weapon systems and aircraft, DRG has the knowledge and resources needed to keep programs current and mission ready. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a 6% increase in employment for aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians from 2021 to 2031. DRG has exceptionally skilled technicians, mechanics, and specialists ready to step in and support O-Level maintenance in a cost-conscience, efficient, and highly effective way.

Meet DRG at MRO Americas Aviation Week

“We cannot wait to connect with new people and organizations to illustrate how much value DRG can add to their operations,” said William “Buddy” Morgan, a business and capture analyst for DRG.

DRG looks forward to industry conversations, learning opportunities, and partnering with leaders in the aerospace community to build future-facing solutions to current and anticipated needs at MRO Americas Aviation Week trade fair.

Interested in meeting with DRG? Email our Business Development team at


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